Wednesday, August 29, 2007

DOGPILE | Web Search

Dogpile® is a metasearch engine that fetches results from Google, Yahoo!, Windows Live Search (formerly MSN Search). The Dogpile search engine earned the 2006 J.D. Power and Associates award for best Residential Online Search Engine Service. Dogpile.
The Dogpile homepage was remodeled on June 1, 2007.Dogpile is a metasearch site — it searches multiple engines, filters for duplicates, and then presents the results to the user. Dogpile uses multiple popular search engines, as well as sponsored links.Dogpile.Dogpile is singled out in a number of publications for mixing a high percentage of paid listings in with the search results returned by the various search engines.Dogpile "sponsored by" note under a link notifies users that that particular search result has been paid for.
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